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SUGGESTIONS: We value your ideas and input! If you’d like to suggest a course, instructor, or have an idea about enhancing the ILR experience, please send us a note using the form at the end of this page.

SUBMISSIONS: This site was created FOR you, but it will become so much more if it INCLUDES you. We’d like to post your submissions on the ILR Blog and share them with the ILR community.

Students Submissions: We want your stories, creations, and thoughts. Whether it’s an essay of ideas from a recent course, a photo, a personal story, a painting, drawing, or just a great ILR experience – share it with us!

Instructor Submissions: Give us your insight and knowledge! Expand on a topic you’ve already taught, write about a topic you may want to teach in the future, or write an essay on current events in your field. This is a great opportunity to get students interested in your subject! (We’ll also feature your upcoming course(s) at the end of your submission – bonus!)

Submission Guidelines:

  • Photos and artwork should be high resolution.
  • Written submissions should be 500-700 words, and rarely more than 1000.
  • All submissions are reviewed and edited (if need be) by ILR staff.
  • Email your submission to ILR Program Manager Kelli Ackiewicz,
  • You will receive notification within 1 week if your submission has been accepted.

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