The Haunted View’s Paranormal Roadshow Series – New!

The Haunted View’s Paranormal Roadshow Series – New!
2 sessions • 6 hours

The Haunted View team, with abilities to connect with spirits, ghosts, angels and the use of divination and electronic ghost hunting equipment, is taking it on the road to deliver a discussion forum of the paranormal. A learning event, the team will discuss how they use their abilities and techniques to connect with the spirits. This “ghost show and tell” is an ideal opportunity for those who want to share experiences they can’t explain and ask for advice. Each of the three sessions feature a different topic. Register for the entire series here or register for one or two of the below individually.

Instructor: A paranormal investigator for over 20 years, Rhonda Russo is the founder of “Bump In The Night Investigations” paranormal investigation group. Born a Sensitive/Empath/Intuitive, she has been seeing, hearing and sensing spirits/ghosts her entire life. Rhonda partners with two other Mediums in the area to form an online paranormal talk show and investigative team called “The Haunted View”. Rhonda also puts her empathy and intuitive skills to work as a Reiki Master/Teacher and is the author of the book Bump In The Night Investigations: Beginner Ghost Hunting Book.

Victorian Spiritualism
ILR574 • 5-digit: 18759
Tuesday • 11/12 • 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Conference Center (E Building) • Room E124B
Fee: $32




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