Personal Self Defensive Tactics

Personal Self Defensive Tactics
1 session, 3 hours

Physical assault is not a selective crime. It has no regard for age, race, or social status. Join us to learn basic common sense rules that can be used to protect yourself before, during, and after an attack. Research shows that educated citizens are best equipped to protect themselves. The class has been described by some students as “an insurance policy you never want to have to use but which is comforting to have.” The class is designed for all ages and is strictly classroom based; this is not a physical class.

Instructor: Captain Kirby Lee Maybush retired from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office with 45 years of law enforcement. He has taught self-defense/defensive tactics at police academies, sheriff’s academy, correction academy, military police, and numerous organizations in the area. He has been on TV and radio in reference to the classes. Several women after attending CPT Maybush’s classes stated not only were they able to prevent a sexual/physical assault, the experience increased their self-esteem and self-confidence and improved their personal lives, from family ties to work relationships.

ILR837 Personal Self Defensive Tactics
5-Digit Number: 17609
Location: Conference Center/E106
Thursday • 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. • 8/6
Fee: $29.00


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