New! World Religion Series: Ethical Insights of the World’s Major Religions

Religious Symbols

New! World Religion Series: Ethical Insights of the World’s Major Religions
5 sessions, 10 hours 

Most religious traditions in the West have a very long-standing practice of writing, studying, and meditating on written scriptures. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have deep commitments to the role of authoritative texts in revealing who the Divine is and what ultimate reality communicates and requires of their respective adherents. In what we could call the East, Asia, and Southeast Asia, there are many written scriptures in use but often their use and function are very different from the West. So what are the official written scriptures, how did they come about, what role do they play in the lives of those who profess faith in them, and what is the wisdom they offer to both adherents and non-believers? We’ll examine five world religions in this course including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Indigenous Traditions, and Taoism.

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Tim Dissmeyer is retired clergy and current adjunct faculty in world religions, with 10 years of field experience with the Ecumenical Institute: Chicago, 20 years of parish service in Maryland and Washington, D.C. and 15 years  of involvement in interfaith dialogue. His lively, open-minded and inquisitive approach to religion and spirituality continues to inspire ILR students.

ILR592 World Religion Series: Scriptural Texts of the World’s Major Religions
5-Digit Number: 17264
Tue, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m., 4/2 – 4/30
Location: Frederick Senior Center
Tuition: $30.00 Fee: $84.00 Total: $114.00
MD residents age 60+ pay fee only

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