Women in Power

NEW! Women in Power
4 sessions, 6 hours

It has been 51 years since a woman became an elected head of government in the world. Since then more than 20 woman have assumed the highest positions in their countries. There have been successes, failures, controversies and scandals. This course will discuss some of the women who have led their countries and the rising bonds of trust being afforded to them in a world where men have ruled for centuries. Indeed, by the end of the U.S. presidential election, there may well be women leading three of the most powerful nations in the world, those being the United States, Germany and Great Britain. The course will likely commence after the U.S. Presidential election. That decision will no doubt add to the discussion of women’s increasing power in world politics and events.

Instructor: Jack Topchik had a forty-year career as an editor with the New York Times in its News Service division, which selects, edits, and transmits stories, photos and graphics to hundreds of newspapers and government agencies around the world. He served at various times as European editor, Latin American editor, Special Sections editor and day editor.

ILR758 Women in Power
4 digit #: 6100
Wednesday, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm , Nov. 9 – Dec. 12
Location: FCC Conference Center/E124A
Tuition: $20 Fee: $59 Total: $79
MD residents age 60 + pay fee only: $59

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