NEW! The Role of the Estate Executor

The Role of the Estate Executor
1 session, 3.75 hours

Before you agree to serve as executor of an estate or designate these responsibilities to someone else, take this course as it will define the role and outline the general duties. You will learn to organize tasks and get tips for reducing stress. The course will also discuss issues of compensation and potential consequences for incorrect performance.

Instructor: Marcy Gouge is a licensed elder law attorney with 20 years litigation experience. She has a certificate in Gerontology and is the former National Director of National Legal Training Project (federal grant from Dept. of Health & Human Services) which provided training to elder advocates on topics which impact older adults such as Elder Abuse, Guardianship, Federal Benefits, etc. She also has extensive experience providing Continuing Education training to adults.

ILR614 The Role of the Estate Executor
4-Digit Number: 3992
Tue, 5:30pm-9:15pm, June 6
Location: Conference Center (E Building) /B101
Tuition: $10    Fee: $29    Total: $39
MD residents age 60+ pay fee only



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