NEW! The Continental Army: A Social History

NEW! The Continental Army: A Social History
6 sessions, 12 hours

This course will cover the demographics of the Continental Army during the American Revolution. Groups discussed include women, Germans (including the Hessians), Scots- Irish, Native Americans, and Afro-Americans. We’ll cover the “social contract” or “labor contract” between the army and its enlistees, and what happens when the men felt the officers violated the terms of their contract. Of the 57 known mutinies in the army, we’ll concentrate on the ones involving the Pennsylvania Line, the New Jersey Line, and the Newburgh Conspiracy involving officers. In each we’ll cover the causes, the events, and the impacts.

Instructor: Colonial historian Roger G. Swartz received national acclaim for his two books covering the frontiers of the American Revolution. In 2004, he was chosen, along with 2 others, to be the educational coordinator for the 13-day bus tour sponsored by then National Elderhostel program for the 250th-anniversary commemoration of the French & Indian War, 1754 – 1763. Roger is owner of R.G. Swartz & Associates, offering historical services, workshop offerings, and historical products to educational institutions and historical organizations. He is the author of two nationally-acclaimed books dealing with the frontier history of Pennsylvania during the American Revolution. In 2002, he received the “Instructor of Honor” award from the Continuing Education program at Hagerstown Community College for his work with Elderhostel programs and with the Institute for Learning in Retirement. He holds two Masters degrees from Lehigh University: M.A.Ed. (1969); and M.P.A. (Master in Public Administration), 1981. He and his wife reside in Keedysville, MD.

ILR853 The Continental Army: A Social History
4-Digit Number: 7900
Mon, 9:30am – 11:30am, 3/26 – 4/30
Location: Conference Center (E Building)/E123
Tuition: $40.00 Fee: $99.00 Total: $139.00
MD residents age 60+ pay fee only



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