NEW! Retire, Rewire, Reinvent

Introducing Frederick County SHRM and the Associated Instructors
NEW! Retire, Rewire, Reinvent
2 sessions, 5 hours 

This course will provide participants with information about current facts regarding the Aging Workforce (age 50+). Participants will learn about current workplace dynamics, including generational differences, technology and workplace
culture and the key role that the Aging Workforce plays in organizations. For those considering returning to the workforce or making a change in their current workplace role, participants will be provided with tools and recommendations for creating
effective resumes and honing interview skills. We will discuss the variety of ways that workers can adjust their workplace role such as reduced work schedules, consulting, or job sharing as they look towards retirement. We will also discuss practical
considerations such as liability insurance, taxes and health insurance as workers consider consulting or part-time work arrangements. Participants will receive a list of local resources to assist them in their employment transition, whether it is reentering the workforce, changing roles or “stepping down” their work commitments as they move towards retirement.

Instructors: Instructors for this class will include Meg Timmons, Sukanya Bora, Lisa Shuster and John Mauck of Frederick County SHRM. Frederick County SHRM is the local chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management. They have been active in the Frederick Community for over 40 years. SHRM strives to promote the development, improvement, and application of human resources, employee relations, and human resource administration policies and practices for our members. Our membership includes 140 HR professional representing over 90 Frederick area businesses.

ILR338 Retire, Rewire, Reinvent
5-Digit  Number: 16259
Tue, 6 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., 10/16 – 10/23
Location:  Conference Center/E-106
Tuition: $20.00         Fee: $39.00        Total: $59.00
MD residents age 60+ pay fee only

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