Principles of U.S. National Security

Introducing Jeffrey Steinberg
NEW! Principles of U.S. National Security
5 sessions, 10 hours

National security issues are a hot topic these days especially during an election year. This course is a basic introduction to the theory and practice of national security policy by the United States in the 21st century setting, drawing upon real-world situations  that are widely discussed in the national media. The course will be comprised of the following topics:

1. Principles of national security including neo-conservative, humanitarian interventionist, neo-isolationist, and some historical American national security policies.
2. The role of the military in U.S. national security policy including NATO and Constitutional provisions of how the United States government “goes to war.”
3. The role of diplomacy in national security policy versus the use of military power.
4. The role of economic policy in shaping U.S. national security policy.

Instructor:  Jeffrey Steinberg is both an analyst and practitioner of U.S. national security policy. He has been an investigative journalist for more than 40 years, serving since 1986 on the editorial board of a weekly publication, Executive Intelligence Review, and writing for a range of international newsletters and magazines; and has also participated in various advisory capacities for U.S. government officials on a wide range of national security issues, from strategic defense policy, to the war on terrorism, to the war on illegal narcotics, to the economic dimensions of national security. He has lectured in the United States, Germany, Italy, Russia, China, Japan, India, Mexico, and Peru on issues related to national security. Steinberg is the author and/or co-author of hundreds of articles and special reports on a wide range of national security issues, current affairs, and history. He co-authored three editions of a comprehensive study of the international illegal drug trade, {Dope, Inc.} (1979, 1984, 1992); {Derivative Assassinations} about the murder of India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi (1986); and {The New Silk Road Becomes the World Landbridge} (2015). Steinberg has a B.A. in Political Science from Rutgers University and an M.A. in Social Science from Montclair State University, both in New Jersey.

ILR743 Principles of U.S. National Security
4 digit #: 6060
Thursdays, 10:00 am – noon, Sept. 29 – Oct. 27
Location: FCC Conference Center/E123
Tuition: $40 Fee: $89 Total: $129
MD residents age 60 + pay fee only: $89

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