Monsters of Rock Geology Mobile Workshop

Learning on location…with Chris Haugh
NEW! Monsters of Rock Geology Mobile Workshop
1 session, 1 day

You won’t want to miss this Learning on Location opportunity as we set out on an exploration of Frederick County’s geologic history with Chris Haugh. This is the perfect complement to Chris’ June, 2015 ILR class offering entitled “The Prehistory of Frederick County,” based on his earlier 1999 video documentary Monocacy. The  award-winning  researcher/documentarian
will employ a light approach in helping students understand geologic events of our past through the context and environs of Frederick County. Participants will explore present-day examples and traces of earth-shaping events that occurred millions of years ago. Be sure to bring your walking shoes for some easy to manage mini-hikes off the bus. This particular trip will include a collection of site stops in northern Frederick County. We are keeping these exciting stops a surprise but if you can’t stand the suspense just give us a call and we’ll whisper the stop list in your ear.

Instructor:   Chris Haugh is an Emmy award-winning documentary film maker and regional historian. For nearly 25 years, Chris has researched, produced and published numerous award-winning presentations on Frederick County history. He has also taught both video production and public history courses for FCC, Hood College and Towson University.

ILR741 Monsters of Rock Geology Mobile Workshop
4-Digit Number:  6058
Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Oct. 20
Location:   Conference Center (E Building)/Lobby
*Coach departs FCC Conference Center (Bldg E) in the lobby at 9 a.m. returning about 5:00 p.m.  Lunch is included.
Tuition:  $40  Fee:  $95   Total: $135
MD residents age 60+ pay fee only: $95

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