New! Fleeting Fancies

NEW! Fleeting Fancies: Spring’s Ephemeral Flowers
1 session, 2 hours

What do Squirrel Corn, Bloodroot, Trout Lily, and Virginia Bluebells have in common? They are all spring ephemeral flowers, blooming for just a few weeks in early spring, then quickly fading. Frederick County has several great locations for these beauties, so join us for a field trip to find these treasures. Students must provide their own transportation.

Instructor: Kathy Barylski is a life-long crafter, beginning at age five with cross-stitch and expanding to crochet, sewing, string art, and many more crafts. Kathy loves to teach crafts to adults and youth, as a Girl Scout Trainer and continuing education instructor.

HOM103 Fleeting Fancies: Spring’s Ephemeral Flowers
5-Digit Number: 17081
Saturday • 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. • 4/13
Location: Student Center/H205
Fee: $29.00

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