NEW! Creative Writing Workshop

Introducing Judy Kelly
NEW! Creative Writing Workshop
8 sessions, 16 hours

This creative writing course is for experienced and novice writers in any genre of creative writing they choose. They may then share, if they wish, what they have written. A safe space is maintained by participants treating all work as confidential and being allowed to only make positive comments on each other’s writing.

Instructor: Judy Kelly is an award-winning published author. Her novel, That Ever Died So Young, was a finalist in the Somerset Literary and Contemporary Fiction Award 2014. Her newest novel, Blessings and Curses, came out in December 2017. She has presented at the Fiction Writers Institute in Hagerstown and at Montgomery College. Judy taught writing through the continuing education program at George Mason University. She facilitates three writing groups and spends time as a Beta reader for a wide variety of writers and genres. She is also an instructor at Montgomery College where she teaches speech, reading, and English. You can read her blog here.

ILR436 Creative Writing Workshop
4-Digit Number: 7882
Thu, 1pm – 3pm, 1/25 – 3/15
Location: Conference Center (E Building)/E109
Tuition: $50.00 Fee: $129.00 Total: $179.00
MD residents age 60+ pay fee only





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