New! Ben Franklin: Scientist, Soldier, Spiritualist

New! Ben Franklin: Scientist, Soldier, Spiritualist
3 sessions, 6 hours

Examine Franklin’s contributions to the improvement of colonial life, including his adopted home, Philadelphia. Next, we’ll follow Franklin from Frederick, Maryland to Pennsylvania as he aides a British army in 1755; establishes a militia for Pennsylvania and appropriations for forts, and leads a force to build four of these forts on the frontiers of Pennsylvania. Finally, we’ll discuss Franklin’s religious beliefs – a mix of Puritanism and Deism, as well as his components of virtue.

Instructor: Colonial historian Roger G. Swartz received national acclaim for his two books covering the frontiers of the American Revolution. In 2004, he was chosen, along with 2 others, to be the educational coordinator for the 13-day bus tour sponsored by then National Elderhostel program for the 250th-anniversary commemoration of the French & Indian War, 1754 – 1763.

ILR874 Ben Franklin: Scientist, Soldier, Spiritualist
5 digit number:  15783
Mon 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM, 8/6/2018-8/20/2018
Tuition: $20     Fee: $49          Total: $69
Location: Sweadner Hall
MD Residents Age 60+ Pay Fee Only

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