Are You Having a Good Life or a Whole Life?

NEW! Are You Having a Good Life or a Whole Life?
5 sessions, 10 hours

This is a five class discussion of the key themes presented in Krista Tippett’s latest book, Becoming Wise: An Inquiry Into
The Mystery and Art of Living. We will be exploring the ancient questions of what the good life is and of what a whole life looks like, and thus whether there is a difference between classical Greek philosophy about the good life and the historic Hebrew perspective on living whole and holy lives. Tippett’s book offers transcribed radio interviews with key science and religious figures today grouped into the five topics which will be used in this class: language, health, love, faith and hope. We will look at how our individual life experiences have provided us with points of insight and deep wisdom that benefits ourselves and could benefit others. Tippett’s volume, Becoming Wise, is not required but is highly recommended. Class handouts will be distributed for participants to keep and use for class discussion.

Instructor:  Rev. Dr. Tim Dissmeyer is retired clergy and current adjunct faculty in world religions, with 10 years of field experience with the Ecumenical Institute: Chicago, 20 years of parish service in Maryland and Washington, D.C. and 15 years of involvement in interfaith dialogue. His lively, open-minded and inquisitive approach to religion and spirituality continues to inspire ILR students.

ILR737 Are You Having a Good Life or a Whole Life?
4-Digit Number:  6054
Tuesdays, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., Nov. 1 – Nov. 29
Location:  Conference Center (E Building)/E106
Tuition:  $32   Fee:  $65      Total: $97
MD residents age 60+ pay fee only: $65

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