Africa: The Sleeping Giant

Africa: The Sleeping Giant
7 sessions, 14 hours 

Africa has been called The Sleeping Giant because it is a continent of vast resources just waiting to be developed. Explore this unique place and learn about the geographic and political landscapes that shape it. Africans are a very diverse group of people. What were the effects of colonialism and neo-colonialism on the many different cultures that exist on this very large continent? In this course explore the ethnicity, population growth, infrastructure deficit, as well the current state of agricultural-industrial development and transformative solutions. Highlighted regions will include; East and West Africa and the Lake Chad Basin.

Instructor: Lawrence Freeman has been involved in Africa for almost 25 years and has made over two dozen visits to the nations of Sudan, Nigeria, Mali, Chad, and Ethiopia. He has studied the history and political economy of several Africa nations. Lawrence has attended weekly seminars and forums on Africa in Washington DC including Congressional hearings on Africa. As a result, Lawrence has attained an in-depth knowledge of both historical and current developments of Africa. He has written dozens of articles analyzing the political economies of Africa nations including Sudan, South Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, Mali, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He specializes in promoting policies for physical economic development and has presented his ideas to government and non-government circles alike in both Africa and the United States.

ILR821 Africa: The Sleeping Giant
4-Digit Number: 5629
Wednesdays, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., 9/20/17 – 11/1/17
Location: Braddock Hall (B Building) /B223
Tuition: $50 Fee: $99 Total: $149
MD residents age 60+ pay fee only.



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