Microsoft Word®: Using Your Computer for Writing

Microsoft Word®: Using Your Computer for Writing
3 sessions, 9 hours

Learn how to create, save, print, and edit documents; move and copy text; enhance the appearance of your document by formatting text; and use proofing tools to correct spelling and grammatical errors. Although this course is based on the Microsoft Word® program, the skills can be applied to any other word processing software.

Instructor: Bill O’Neal has been teaching with ILR and designing its computer curriculum since 1998. He has thirty plus years’ experience at FCC where he has taught in various credit and continuing education programs. Prior to FCC, he was an adjunct in the Hood College Graduate program. Bill is retired from a 34-year career with the Federal Government in Information Management, where most recently he was a manager in the Directorate of Information Management at Fort Detrick.

4-Digit Number:  6029
Thursdays, 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., Oct. 27 – Nov. 10
Location:  Conference Center (E Building)/E109
Tuition:  $36    Fee:  $56      Total: $92
MD residents age 60+ pay fee only

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