Medically Curious? Health Tips: Q-Tips/Weight Tips/More Tips!

HEA202 Health Tips: Q-Tips/Weight Tips/More Tips!
1 session, 2 hours

Advertisements are everywhere-ever seen even one for cleaning ears with Q tips? OK, no texting, but what’s the big deal about even using my cellphone when I drive? Overweight America – Harvard’s Dr. Sacks says “It’s not what you eat, but …” 7 billion of us & counting – any relation to “Global Warming”? Only pro athletes need to warm up before “work”- wanna bet? Is it fever? Low-grade fever? How can we tell? Does it matter? Interested in medical facts, do not listen to TV drug ads! Wine for your heart? Alcohol & driving -DUI vs. DWI? “It’s only beer Doc!” “Little Jimmy looks fine. Let’s just do a CAT scan to be safe.” Not! Bite wounds – dogs, cats, and human. Become more informed and improve your overall health.

Instructor: Dr. Larry Romane is board certified in Emergency Medicine and spent 35 years as an ER doctor. After retiring, he served as a physician volunteer at a free clinic for the uninsured. He’s the author of two medical books and loves teaching. His courses give current medical information at a high school reading level. Look for Dr. Romane’s book, R U Medically Curious? Common Topics – Simply Explained, online and on KindleR U Medically Curious

HEA202 Health Tips: Q-Tips/Weight Tips/More Tips!
4-digit #: 6020
Wednesday, 10:00 am – noon, Sept. 21
Location: Conference Center (E Building)/E106
Fee: $20.00


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