Just Try It! Beginning Yoga

Just Try It! Beginning Yoga
5 sessions, 7.5 hours

Yoga will help you feel good. It’s a fun activity that can produce powerful results, wake up your body, sharpen your mind, and clarify your spirit. This course introduces you to the basic movements and poses of yoga so you may begin the process of transforming the way you look, feel, and move as you proceed safely and at your own pace. Through your practice, you will discover a new level of physical, energetic, and emotional consciousness, all the while building strength, flexibility and improved range of motion. All poses will be carefully modified for each student’s needs and abilities. Bring a yoga mat and other props, if you have them, or two rolled up bath towels.

Instructor: Linda Franklin, RYT200, began practicing yoga in 2008 as a way to reduce stress and improve focus, while increasing fitness. She was so taken by the inclusive, gentle approach of her teacher, that she pursued and received her own teaching certification from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Massachusetts, and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra training from Jennifer Reis. Linda’s classes have a gentle touch and focus on listening to and respecting the body’s messages – making yoga an experience that welcomes EVERYbody.

ILR700   Just Try It! Beginning Yoga</strong
5-Digit Number: 17259
Wed, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m., 2/13 – 3/13
Location: Athletics Center/D129
Fee: $69.00

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