Investment Strategies for Seniors Through Options

Investment Strategies for Seniors Through Options
4 sessions • 8 hours 

Discover how options trading works and acquire skills to become your own options trader during this fun and interactive course. Find out how options can help you develop a weekly stream of income with little risk while  doubling or tripling the dividends on stock you already own. Learn how to turn a loss into a gain when the market goes against you and reduce the cost basis on stock you already own. A hands on class, you will have the opportunity to work live on an actual paper trading account to gain experience. (Don’t worry, there’s no money involved during this activity in-class activity.)

A Legal Disclaimer is provided to students by instructor at beginning of course as this options training program is offered only as an educational presentation. Please see full disclaimer at

Instructor: For more than 17 years, Richard Bender has been teaching courses at the Rockville Senior Center in Maryland and specializes in teaching the proper methods of earning weekly income through options investments. After living and working in France for 7 years, he is also a French instructor and has led numerous courses focusing on photography topics including Photoshop. Mr. Bender is the founder of the Washington School of Photography and the owner of RT Omega Industries, a manufacturer of photographic enlargers and photographic chemistry. 

Note: This options training program is strictly offered as an educational presentation. No claim is made that options trading explanations and/or strategies presented in this workshop will result in profits and will not result in losses. Option trading may not be suitable for all participants of this program. All comments, trading strategies, techniques, concepts and methods shown within this class presentation are not and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell stocks and/or options – they are opinions based upon market observation and personal experience. Therefore, the thoughts expressed are not guaranteed to produce profits in any way. All opinions are subject to change without notice. Each option trader/investor is responsible for his or her own actions, if any. You affirm that your attendance in this Options class presentation constitutes your agreement to this disclaimer and that you hold harmless the presenter and host facility from any liability or litigation of any form emanating from market trading on your part.

Investment Strategies for Seniors Through Options
ILR871 • 5-digit: 18690
Mon & Wed • 9/30-10/9 • 6:00-8:00 PM
Conference Center (E Building) • Room E106
Fee: $99

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