In Search of Happiness

In Search of Happiness: The Most Sought-After Human Emotion
6 sessions • 12 hours

Aristotle purposed that everything we do in life stems from our motivation to attain happiness. The Dalai Lama believed that happiness is contingent upon our actions toward others and how we live our life on a day-to-day basis. Psychologists have studied this state of being for centuries, only to conclude that happiness ranks as one of our most sought-after goals. Join us to examine and explore the multi-faceted aspects of happiness, including the importance of sadness in our lives. Sign up with a friend for this eye-opening experience.

Instructor: Barbara Angleberger
Barbara Angleberger has a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, with over 40 years experience in education. She was a counselor with FCPS and served as an adjunct faculty member and Foreign Language Coordinator at FCC before transitioning to a full-time psychology position for 27 yrs. During that time, she chaired the Social Sciences Department. The courses she taught include: General Psychology, Abnormal Psych., Social Psych, Human Growth and Development, and Psych of Adolescence.

In Search of Happiness: The Most Sought-After Human Emotion

ILR595 • 5-Digit Number: 19312
Mondays • 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. • 2/24 – 3/30
Conference Center (E Building) • Room E104
Tuition: $32 | Fee: $100 | Total: $132
MD residents age 60+ pay fee only