Ethnicity on the Landscape of the Cumberland Valley

Ethnicity on the Landscape of the Cumberland Valley
4 sessions, 8 hours

Cumberland Valley is in the northern area of the Great Appalachian Valley within Pennsylvania and Maryland. Many artifacts and buildings still found in the region reflect the ethnic heritage of the people who created them. This is especially true for the Pennsylvania German tradition of the Valley. Let William Sheppard, an anthropologist and archaeologist, guide you on an exploration of the identity, folklore, generational factors, and degrees of assimilation of this regional group within American society.

Instructor: William J Sheppard is a college Anthropology and Archaeology instructor who earned his Masters Degree in Anthropology from The College of William and Mary. As a professional archaeologist for thirty years, Mr. Sheppard has directed prehistoric and historic period archaeological investigations in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia. His current research includes the analysis of cultural systems of power including ethnicity, race, gender and religion through the study of material culture in Historic Archaeology.

ILR272 Ethnicity on the Landscape of the Cumberland Valley
5-Digit Number: 17130
Fri, 9:00 – 11:00 a.m., 2/1 – 2/22
Location: Conference Center/E106
Tuition: $30.00 Fee: $69.00 Total: $99.00
MD residents age 60+ pay fee only


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