Don’t Be a Victim of Frauds and Scams

New! Don’t Be a Victim of Frauds and Scams
1 session, 3 hours

We all know by now not to send money to the “prince who needs our help to transfer his fortune to America” but what are some of the other frauds and scams that thieves use to steal our money and property from us? What type of people are the most vulnerable to scammers, and how do they get us to fall for their tricks? Most importantly, how can we protect our own information and assets so that we will not be the next victim of a cunning thief? Learn how to be a “Fraud Fighter” for yourself and for your loved ones, and to shut down potential scams before they hit you.

Instructor: Marcy Gouge is a retired attorney with a specialization in issues that impact elder Americans. After twenty years as a litigator in Colorado, she moved to Washington DC to work at the AARP Foundation as the Director of the National Legal Training Project. She later worked with programs that helped “scam proof” older Americans, including managing a federal grant that encouraged seniors to become “Fraud Fighters” to protect themselves and educate others about how to prevent scammers from stealing their assets.

ILR869 Don’t Be a Victim of Frauds and Scams
5 digit number:  17849
Mon, 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., 8/12
Location: Performing Arts Center (F Building)/F105
Fee: $34

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