Crochet for Beginners

Crochet for Beginners
2 sessions • 4 hours


Join us to experience the magic of transforming basic yarn into beautiful new items to enjoy year round. Relaxing and fun, learning to crochet gives you the ability to make just about anything, from scarves and sweaters to blankets and even baskets. Supply list is provided before the first class.

Instructor: Kathy Barylski is a leading butterfly researcher in the state and has a passion for spreading the love of butterflies. She coordinates annual butterfly counts in Frederick County, teaches classes about butterflies, and participates in research projects for the State and with other lepidopterists. She is the owner and founder of Incite Ecology, a business launched to help ignite people’s passion for the environment.

Crochet for Beginners
HOM129 • 5-digit: 18521
Monday • 11/4-11/11 • 6:30-8:30 PM
Conference Center (E Building) • Room E124A
Fee: $49


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