Creative Vision in Photography – New!

Creative Vision in Photography – New!
1 session • 6 hours

Get ready to transform your photographs by expressing your ideas, interests, passions, and unique perspective with creative vision. Learn how to illustrate good composition, critically examine photographs, explore the elements of a photographer’s “toolbox,” and examine different exercises to inspire your creativity.

Instructor: Robert Sullivan is an award-winning photographer based in Baltimore. He loves to tell a good story through his photographs more than just about anything else in between taking photographs of the urban landscape, the Eastern Shore, people, and corporate and non-profit events. He conducts photography tours and workshops, and provides private instruction. Selected for numerous exhibitions, his work is also displayed in galleries and museums. Visit to learn more.

Creative Vision in Photography – New!
PHO113 • 5-digit: 18778
Saturday • 10/19 • 9:00 AM-3:30 PM
Visual & Performing Arts Center • Room F105
Fee: $89


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