Continuing French

FOR404 Continuing French
10 session, 15 hours


Améliorez vos compétences en français.

Have you taken French for the Beginner and are impressed with what you now know? Or, do you have a working knowledge of French and wish to improve grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills? Continue your journey within this elegant language by taking Continuing French.

Instructor: Richard Bender – For more than 17 years, Richard Bender has been teaching courses at the Rockville Senior Center in Maryland. He has taught French after living and working in France for 7 years. He has also taught numerous photography courses including Photoshop. He was the founder of the Washington School of Photography and the owner of RT Omega Industries, a company that manufactured photographic enlargers and photographic chemistry. He also specializes in teaching the proper methods of earning weekly income through options investments.

FOR404 Continuing French
5-Digit Number: 18110
Tuesdays & Thursdays • 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. • 7/30 – 8/29
Location: Conference Center/E106
Tuition: $40.00 + Fee: $129.00 = Total: $169.00
(MD residents age 60+ pay fee only)


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