Contemplative Writing: Wandering Beyond the Known – New!

Contemplative Writing: Wandering Beyond the Known – New!
4 sessions • 8 hours


Contemplative writing and mindful meditation require techniques that tap into deep and vast dimensions of human existence. Join us to explore the powerful combination of meditation and writing using the works of two Western Zen Buddhist writers: Maura O’Halloran and Robert M. Pirsig. These artists have explored the contemplative mind and heart in order to reshape the schemata of values in their daily lives. Their memoirs combine great storytelling with probing investigations into the purpose of existence. Includes an introduction to basic meditative and writing techniques as practiced by these writers.

Instructor: Jerry Webster, Ph. D., has taught numerous courses in literature for UMD and in multiculturalism for Montgomery County Public Schools. He serves as the Shastri, or head teacher, with the Shambhala Buddhist Center in Washington, D.C. He regularly teaches courses for FCC, the Johns Hopkins Odyssey Program, and the D.C. Politics & Prose Bookstore.

Contemplative Writing-Wandering Beyond the Known – New!
ILR934 • 5-digit: 18708
Monday • 9/9-9/30 • 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Conference Center (E Building) • Room E123
Tuition: $20 | Fee: $69 | Total: $89
Maryland residents age 60+ pay fee only.

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