Paper Embroidery Mandala – New!

Celebrate Diwali with Paper Embroidery Mandala – New!
1 session • 2 hours

Diwali, the most celebrated holiday in India, is also known as the “Celebration of Lights”. Festival decorations include Rongoli, hand-drawn patterns made with sand and flowers, and Mandala, geometric patterns emanating from a central point. Join us and learn how to apply the Paper Embroidery technique to create these unique designs. Materials include varieties of embroidery floss to allow for an extraordinary range of color combinations. The results are gorgeous, unique and colorful works of art.

Instructor: Instructor: Kathy Barylski is a leading butterfly researcher in the state and has a passion for spreading the love of butterflies. She coordinates annual butterfly counts in Frederick County, teaches classes about butterflies, and participates in research projects for the State and with other lepidopterists. She is the owner and founder of Incite Ecology, a business launched to help ignite people’s passion for the environment.

Celebrate Diwali with Paper Embroidery Mandala
HOM131 • 5-digit: 18697
Thursday • 10/24 • 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Visual & Performing Arts Center (F Building) • F118
Fee: $34

One Comment on “Paper Embroidery Mandala – New!

  1. You did it again. The instructor for paper embroidery is talking about Kathy Barliski not the instructor for this course.

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