Butterflies in the Field: Moth Edition – New!

NEW! Butterflies in the Field – Moth Edition 
1 sessions • 4 hours

With Maryland being home to more 1500 moth species, join us for this special nighttime adventure when we attract a variety of moths with our special lighting setup. We’ll see them up close and personal while also having time to talk about unique features of moths, new research, and differences between moths and butterflies. Transportation will be provided via an FCC van from the College to Catoctin Creek Park and back. Please note, refunds are not available after close of business on 7/18.

Instructor: Kathy Barylski is a leading butterfly researcher in the state and has a passion for spreading the love of butterflies. She coordinates annual butterfly counts in Frederick County, teaches classes about butterflies, and participates in research projects for the State and with other lepidopterists. She is the owner and founder of Incite Ecology, a business launched to help ignite people’s passion for the environment.

ILR575 Butterflies in the Field – Moth Edition
5-Digit Number: 18170
Thu, 7:15 p.m. – 11:15 p.m., 7/25
Location: FCC Main Campus
(An email will be sent to participants to indicate where to meet up at the College.)
Fee: $54.00

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