Being Human: The Future of Our Kind

Being Human: The Future of Our Kind
4 sessions, 8 hours

Where is humankind headed in the next ten years, hundred years, thousand years? How will we live, eat, work, and play? How will we supply our energy, health care, and housing needs? Will science and industry provide us with the answers? Together, we’ll explore the possibilities. In this fourth installment of the popular Being Human series, we’ll examine the greatest challenges of the future from the perspectives of social science and the humanities. This class features lively discussions plus an opportunity for you to engineer a hypothetical human society of the future.

Instructor: Julie Castillo is a college anthropology instructor, children’s enrichment instructor, writing instructor, enrichment curriculum designer, entrepreneur, writer, and futurist. She holds an MA in sociocultural anthropology from Catholic University with a specialty in gender studies and ethnopsychology. Her current interests include development anthropology, human ecology, and poverty and affluence. She is fascinated by concepts of self and identity and frequently taps into literature, film, philosophy, and psychology in order to enhance her understanding. She loves books, movies, wildlife, adventure travel, and kayaking.

Being Human: The Future of Our Kind
4 digit #: 6027
Mondays, 2:00 -4:00 pm, Oct. 17 – Nov. 7
Location: FCC Conference Center/E123
Tuition: $20   Fee: $49   Total: $69
MD residents age 60+ pay fee only: $49

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