A Changing World: Tough Choices

Barry Schwartz: is an American psychologist and the Dorwin Cartwright Professor of Social Theory and Social Action at Swarthmore College, where he has taught for thirty years. He studies the link between economics and psychology, and is the author of several leading textbooks as well as a number of books that take a penetrating look at contemporary life.

Thoughts & Questions
• Is there really such a thing as too much freedom of choice?
• Was life ‘happier’ when we had fewer options?
• Beyond material goods… are we getting TMI?
• How can we better filter all that is coming at us?
• Or are we already getting better at filtering?
• Are our worlds growing or shrinking because of all our options?
• Is there still room for serendipitous discovery? Serendipity NYT

More Barry Schwartz
• Profile and Publications: Swarthmore College
• Books: available on Amazon
• Article: Meaning, Morality, and Choice
• Article: Is freedom just another word for many things to buy?
• Article: Does Choice Mean Freedom and Well-Being?

One Comment on “A Changing World: Tough Choices

  1. Tera, thank you for offering another topic to motivate us to think and interact!

    By the way, I might have been the only one affected; but, even though I was wearing my trusty hearing aids, I was having difficulty hearing some students. (I can hear the video and instructor ). My plea would be that everyone speak a bit more loudly; in the meantime, I’ll hoist up the volume on my aids, as well. Thanks a million, everyone.


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