The Future: of Dying

Dr. Peter Saul: is a Senior Intensive Care specialist in the adult and pediatric ICU at John Hunter Hospital, and Director of Intensive Care at Newcastle Private Hospital in Australia. After spending time as the Head of Discipline for Medical Ethics at Newcastle University, he is now a leading adviser to the State and Federal health departments.

Over the past 35 years he has been intimately involved in the dying process for over 4,000 patients. He is passionate about improving the ways we die. Peter Saul believes we can’t control if we’ll die, but we can “occupy death.” He asks us to think about the end of our lives — and to question against the modern model of slow, intubated death in hospital.

Questions for Discussion

• How has medical technology altered the conservation on this topic?

•  Why is physician assisted suicide (PAS) controversial?

• What are the legal requirements for PAS in California?

• In what ways is PAS different from euthanasia?



Understanding the MOLST form

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