The Future: Abundance

Peter Diamandis: is the founder and chair of the X Prize Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission is simply “to bring about radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity.” By offering a big cash prize for a specific accomplishment, the X Prize stimulates competition and excitement around some of the planet’s most important goals. Diamandis is also co-founder and chairman of Singularity University which runs Exponential Technologies Executive and Graduate Student Programs.

Diamandis’ background is in space exploration — before the X Prize, he ran a company that studied low-cost launching technologies and Zero-G which offers the public the chance to train like an astronaut and experience weightlessness. But though the X Prize’s first $10 million went to a space-themed challenge, Diamandis’ goal now is to extend the prize into health care, social policy, education and many other fields that could use a dose of competitive innovation.

…what could three billion rising, healthy, educated, productive members of humanity bring to us? How about a set of voices that have never been heard from before. What about giving the oppressed, wherever they might be, the voice to be heard and the voice to act for the first time ever? -Peter Diamandis

Questions for Discussion

• What have been the projections of population vs resource scarcity made the past and why have they proven to be wrong?

• How have raising standards of living world wide in the past century affected the rate of population growth and resource utilization?

• Is the planet close to being “maxed out” or are we on the pathway to a new era of abundance as Peter Diamandis postulates?

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