MWT Controversy – Broken America?

Anand Giridharadas:is a New York Times columnist and author who chronicles how the extraordinary economic, political and technological changes of our time shape the way we live, love, parent, vote, revolt, consume, strive and dream.

In his 2014 book, The True American, he documents an immigrant’s struggle amid the “War on Terror” to save his would-be killer from death row – in the name of Islam. His first book, India Calling, portrays a society transformed by explosive growth when he reverses his parents’ immigrant path and discovers an old country making itself new.

If human history were a parade, America’s float would be a neon shrine to second chances. But America, generous with second chances to the children of other lands, today grows miserly with first chances to the children of its own. -Anand Giridharadas

• 45 million Americans live in poverty (2013) Census Bureau
• The U.S. has the highest first-day death rate in the industrialized world. Save the Children
• We are one of only 4 countries without mandated paid leave for mothers of newborns. ILO
• America incarcerates more of our population than any other country. – ICPS
• Violent crime occurrs every 27.1 seconds in the U.S. (2013) FBI
• The wealth gap between middle and upper income families is the widest to date. PEW
• No other country has nearly as many guns as people. Wash Po
• Depression is a leading cause of disability in the United States NIH

Questions for Discussion
• Is America broken? If so – why?
• Is it education?
• Is it leadership?
• Is it family vales?
• Is it income inequality?
• Is it poverty?
• Is is the media?
• Is it lack of opportunity?
• Is it racism and tribalism?
• Is it lack of empathy?
• Is it that we ignore the reality of how many American’s live?
• How do we fix America?
• Can we inspire future generations to keep working to make America better?

“We, the greatest inventors in the world, can invent solutions to the problems of that America, not only our own. We, the writers and the journalists, can cover that America’s stories, instead of shutting down bureaus in its midst.

We can finance that America’s ideas, instead of ideas from New York and San Francisco. We can put our stethoscopes to its backs, teach there, go to court there, make there, live there, pray there.

This, I believe, is the calling of a generation. An America whose two halves learn again to stride, to plow, to forge, to dare together. A republic of chances, rewoven, renewed, begins with us.”

-Anand Giridharadas

Hope for the Future

• The Millennials – PEW Research
• Diversity – The Next America
• National Service – The Franklin Project
• Inciting Change – Suli Breaks

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