logoILR is a lifelong learning organization for people who share a joy of life and learning. There are no tests or grades, just no-pressure ways to tickle your brain and indulge your curiosity in the company of other lifelong learners.

Lifetime Membership in ILR is available to students age 55 and up for a one time payment of $20. While ILR classes are open to both members and non-members, membership provides access to a wider range of programs and special events for members only. Members also receive three yearly course schedules by mail and a special ILR decoder ring. (Okay, we’re kidding about the decoder ring, but you get the point. Membership is good.)

To join – as over 2,200 students already have – simply add ILR MEMBERSHIP to your registration and include $20 dues. NEW! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE MEMBERSHIP ONLINE

To register by mail or in person, please CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD a registration form and write “ILR Membership” and $20 fee along with any other courses you are registering for.

Not sure if you’re already a member? Give us a call at 301-846-2405.


Header Image: Used with generous permission of local artist Harry Richardson.
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