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Below you will find a listing of all ILR courses for the term arranged A-Z.

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#SocialMedia – New!

American Revolutionary War in the South – New!

American Sign Language I

American Sign Language II – Intermediate

Art Appreciation: Early American Patriotic Art – New!

Basic Conversational Spanish

Beginner Drawing – New!

Beginner French

Beginner Knitting – New!

Beginner’s Guide to Freelance Writing

Beginning Calligraphy: Italic – New!

Blogging: Maximizing Your Blogging Efforts

Blueprint for Successful Aging in Place Series

Blueprint for Successful Aging in Place: General Overview

Blueprint for Successful Aging in Place: Legal Concerns

Blueprint for Successful Aging in Place: Maintaining Health and Wellness

Blueprint for Successful Aging in Place: Staying Independent in Your Home

Butterflies in the Field

Butterflies in the Field – Moth Edition – New!

Civic Academy: Is it Time to Make Your Voice Heard? – New!

Continuing Conversational Spanish

Continuing French

Continuing French

Creating Vision in Photography

Creative Writing Workshop – New!

Crochet for Beginners – New!

Crystal Reiki Healing – New!

DIY Electrical Wiring – New!

DIY Home Maintenance for Beginners – New!

DIY Plumbing – New!

Does Quantum Mechanics Hold the Secret to the Evolution of Life? – New! (Summer Science Series)

Don’t Be a Victim of Frauds and Scams

Dressing Better: Salad Dressing Marinade Make-Over!

Dressing Better: Salad Dressing Marinade Make-Over!

Experience the Wonderful World of Topiary – New!

Exploring Printmaking – New!

Exploring Watercolor Painting

Exploring Watercolor Painting

Floral Design – Fresh Spring Blooms

Floral Design: Mossy Summer Country Baskets

Fun with Fermentation: Kimchi

Garden Mosaics – New!

Get To Know Your Nikon DSLR

Gettysburg Battlefield Tour – New!

Glass Fusing Jewelry

Grow Your Own Batteries and Other Fun Projects – New! (Summer Science Series)

Happy Little Trees – The Bob Ross Painting Class

History of the Modern Middle East – Part II

How Constitutions Failed in Athens, the Roman Republic, and 17th C. Britain – New!

Illustrated Recipes – New!

Introduction to Computers

Introduction to Metalsmithing – New!

Introduction to Pastel 101 – New!

iPad Workshop

iPhone – Advanced


Ireland: Small Island, Big History – New!

Iris Paper Folding

Italian for Travelers – New!

Jewelry Soldering Workshop – New!

Just Try It! Beginning Yoga

Liquid Gold: The Greek Olive Oil Class

Making the Most of Your Android Smart Phone

Mars: To Colonize or Not? – New! (Summer Science Series)

Maximize Your Safe International Travels

Microsoft® Excel for Home Use

Mornings With TED

National Security Current Events

Native American Slavery – New

Nature Walks 101 – Flora and Fauna

New! Animal Reiki Healing

New! Fleeting Fancies

New! Greek Travel: A Glimpse Into the Past, a Look at the Present

New! Investment Strategies for Seniors Through Options

NEW! Navigating the Internet

New! Nikon Field Session

NEW! Raise Your Wine IQ – Special Greek Wine Edition

New! The American West, 1864-1890

NEW! The Appalachian Trail: 10 Things You May Not Know

NEW! The Fairest of Them All: History of the Great Frederick Fair

NEW! Walking Antietam: Part 1 – The Cornfield, Dunker Church & The West Woods

Nikon Field Session – New!

On Gossamer Wings: The Magic of Butterflies and Moths

Paper Cut Mandala Art – New!

Perfect Pickles: Summer Brining and Fermenting

Personal Self Defensive Tactics

Planning Your Great Adventure

Prime-Time Health Series – New!

Prime-Time Health: Live Without Pain – New!

Prime-Time Health: Make Health Your Hobby – New!

Prime-Time Health: Move Waste From Your Waist – New!

Prime-Time Health: Open Your Internal Pharmacy – New!

Quantum Computing Explained – New! (Summer Science Series)

Raise Your Wine IQ – Special Greek Wine Edition – New!

Reiki 1st Degree

Searching Not Asking: Mastering Online Genealogy

Seasonal Sips: Probiotic Ginger Beer

Self-Publishing Your Book

Snacking Well: Tasty Revamps of your Favorite Munchies!

Spanish for Travelers

Summer Science Series

The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, The World’s Deadliest Killer

The Emergence of Lincoln – New!

The Fool’s Journey: Tarot Cards for Divination, Brainstorming, Creativity, and Fun

The Frederick Town History Series – The 1700s

The Future is Fluid: Understanding Gender & Sexuality from Different Generational Perspectives – New!

The Power of Being Present: The Four Foundations

Travel Light, Travel Easy

Using Microsoft® Windows 10

Woodburning Jewelry – New!

Writing Your Short Story or Novel