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A Republic If You Can Keep It

Are YOU Medically Curious?

Beyond the Veil

Blueprint for Successful Aging in Place Series

Blueprint for Successful Aging in Place: General Overview

Blueprint for Successful Aging in Place: Legal Concerns

Blueprint for Successful Aging in Place: Maintaining Health and Wellness

Blueprint for Successful Aging in Place: Staying Independent in Your Home

Buying, Selling, and Consigning Antiques and Collectibles

Continuing Gentle Yoga

Current Issues in the Middle East

Developing a Personal Strength Training Plan

Downsizing Simplified: Living Smaller and Loving it!

Exploring Watercolor Painting

Feldenkrais: Awareness Through Movement

French for the Beginner

Introduction to Zentangles®

Just Try It! Beginning Yoga

Mornings With TED

Nature Walks 101 – Flora and Fauna

NEW! Continuing French

NEW! Creative Writing Workshop

NEW! Dark Energy, Dark Matter: Part 2

NEW! Dementia 101

NEW! Democracy in America Forum

NEW! Due Process, Privileges or Immunities and State Action: The Fourteenth Amendment and Beyond

NEW! Eight Nations Vital to Sub-Sahara Africa: Past & Present

NEW! Francis Scott Key: In the Footsteps of a Patriot Walking Tour

NEW! Frederick’s Architectural Heritage

NEW! Frederick’s Other City, Mount Olivet Cemetery Walking Tour

NEW! How Can I Help the Basic Goodness of Society

NEW! ILR618 Hero’s Tour

NEW! ILR843 Experience the Underground Railroad in Central Maryland Day Tour

NEW! iPad Workshop

NEW! James Monroe and the Era of Good & Bad Feelings

NEW! Living with Resilience and Hope: Tools for 21st Century Eldering

NEW! Marijuana: Getting into the Weeds

NEW! Music Appreciation from a Historical Perspective

NEW! On Gossamer Wings: The Magic of Butterflies and Moths

NEW! Our Grandchildren Redesigned: 21st Century Bioethics

NEW! Painting in the Style of the Master Artists

NEW! Personal Self Defensive Tactics

NEW! Photo Painting on Your iPad

NEW! Retire, Rewire, Reinvent

NEW! Signs of Our Times II: An Exploration of American Sign Language and Deaf Culture

NEW! Spanish for Beginners

NEW! Spring Floral Design

NEW! Survey of French History

NEW! Tax-Free Investing: It’s Not What You Make, It’s What You Keep

NEW! The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, The World’s Deadliest Killer

NEW! The Continental Army: A Social History

NEW! The Culture of the Islamic World: Class and Tour

NEW! The History and Literature of Iceland

NEW! The Symphony Orchestra: An Inside Look

NEW! What You Need to Know About Identity Theft, Hacking, and Cyber Security

NEW! Zentangle®- Zendalas

Principles of U.S. National Security

Tai Chi for Balance and Well Being

The Cloud – Removing the Mystery: iPad/iPhone version only

Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington

The Duke of Wellington vs. Emperor Napoleon

The Ultimate Mobile Device: Meditation and Mindfulness

Using Microsoft® Windows 10

Using Your Smart Phone for Digital Photography – Tips and Tricks

Well, It’s About Time – Part I

World History: The Big Picture

Writing Your Life Story: Tales for the Grandchildren