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Are YOU Medically Curious?

Blueprint for Successful Aging in Place: Staying Independent in Your Home

Cardiovascular Disease: Blood and Oxygen, Heart Attack and Stroke

Continuing Gentle Yoga

Crossroads of Culture: The Enduring Legacy of the Moors

Current Issues in the Middle East


Democracy in America Forum

Developing a Personal Strength Training Plan

Don’t Be a Victim of Frauds and Scams

Exploring Watercolor Painting

Introduction to Computers

iPhone – Advanced


It’s All Relative: Relativity and Einstein’s Theories

Just Try It! Beginning Yoga

Making the Most of Your Android or Windows Smart Phone

Marijuana: Getting into the Weeds

Medical Aspects of Terrorism

Mornings With TED

National Security Current Events

Nature Walks 101 – Flora and Fauna

New! A Survey of Medieval History


New! Butterflies in the Field

14th Amendment

New! Equal Protection: The 14th Amendment

New! Ethical Explorations: From the Ancient Greeks to the Present

New! Experience Edgar Allen Poe

10th Amendment

New! Federalism: Limitations on Federal Power Which Protect the People and the States: The Tenth Amendment

New! Feldenkrais for Better Balance


NEW! Floral Design – Fall Centerpiece

Floral Arrangement

New! Floral Design – Festive Holiday Greens Centerpiece

Watercolor Paints

New! Foundations of Watercolor

Genealogy words

New! Genealogy Basics: A Deeper Appreciation

New! Healthy Spirit

Naval War Ship

New! Horatio Nelson’s Navy

French Cuisine

New! International Food and Film Series – France: Haute Cuisine

New! International Food and Film Series – Japan: Tampopo

New! Investment Strategies for Seniors Through Options

NEW! iPad Workshop

Iris paper folding leaf example

New! Iris Paper Folding – Thanksgiving Theme


New! Joy in Everyday Life

Wright Brothers and Langley

New! Langley & The Wright Brothers, The Race to Invent the Airplane

New! Math for 55+

New! Medieval Literature & Culture: England from the 800s through the 1300s

New! Meditation in Everyday Life

Capitol Building at night

New! Monuments by Moonlight

Stacked Coins

New! Outlook and Opportunities: Fuel for Your Investment Journey

Artwork by Edward Hopper

NEW! Painting in the Style of the Master Artists: American Artists

Girl with a Pearl Earring

New! Painting in the Style of the Master Artists: European Artists

New! Rasta and Reggae: Jamaican History and Caribbean Culture

NEW! Retire, Rewire, Reinvent

Aches and Pains

New! Secret to Aging with Less Aches and Pain


New! The Aging Brain: It’s Not All Bad News!

New! The Culture of the Islamic World

Defiant Requiem

New! The Defiant Requiem

African Colonialism

New! The Effects of 500 Years of Slavery and Colonialism on Africa

New! The Fool’s Journey: Tarot Cards for Divination, Brainstorming, Creativity, and Fun

New! The Haunted View’s Paranormal Roadshow: Mediumship

Haunted House

New! The Haunted View’s Paranormal Roadshow Series


New! The Haunted View’s Paranormal Roadshow: Investigations

New! The Haunted View’s Paranormal: Thoughtography Class

Andrew Jackson

New! The Pugilist: Andrew Jackson and His Presidency

Canal in Georgetown

New! The Secrets of the C&O Canal


New! What Did Jesus Actually Say & Do?

Religious Symbols

New! World Religion Series: Ethical Insights of the World’s Major Religions

Frederick Soldiers

New! World War I and Frederick

New! Writing Your Short Story or Novel

Orthopedics: The Framework That Holds You Together

Personal Self Defensive Tactics

Quantum Mechanics

Reiki 1st Degree

Tai Chi for Balance and Well Being

The Cloud – Removing the Mystery: iPad/iPhone version only

The Making of Modern China

The Ultimate Mobile Device: Meditation and Mindfulness

Trauma: Crashes, Falls, and Bullets in Everyday Life

Trips and Tips for Women Traveling Solo in Retirement

Writing Your Life Story: Tales for the Grandchildren

Your Lungs: Just Take Some Nice Deep Breaths