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200 or More Practical Ways to Take Care of Your SELF

Africa: The Sleeping Giant

Are YOU Medically Curious? Blood and Oxygen

Are YOU Medically Curious? Heart Attack & Heart Disease

Are YOU Medically Curious? Medical Aspects of Terrorism

Are YOU Medically Curious? Medical Guidelines/Medical Screening

Are YOU Medically Curious? Medical Myths

Are YOU Medically Curious? Senior Hearing and New Health Tips

Are YOU Medically Curious? Stroke

Are YOU Medically Curious? The Series

Continuing Gentle Yoga

Creative Ways with Photography

Custer’s Last Stand: What Really Happened?

Dark Matter: The Dark Side of the Universe

Developing a Personal Strength Training Plan

Downsizing Simplified: Living Smaller and Loving it!

Ethnicity on the Landscape of the Cumberland Valley

Exploring Watercolor Painting

Just Try It! Beginning Yoga

Less Aches, Less Pains with “Dr Z”

Making the Most of Your Android or Windows Smart Phone

Mornings With TED

Nature Walks – Flora and Fauna

NEW! 21st Century American Social Issues

NEW! Almost Blue Mountain City: The History of Thurmont, MD

NEW! Art Timeline

NEW! Being Human: Sex and Gender

NEW! Beyond the Fab Four

New! Blueprint for Successful Aging in Place Series

NEW! Blueprint for Successful Aging in Place: General Overview

NEW! Blueprint for Successful Aging in Place: Legal Concerns

NEW! Blueprint for Successful Aging in Place: Maintaining Health and Wellness

NEW! Blueprint for Successful Aging in Place: Staying Independent in Your Home

NEW! Canalling through History on the C&O Bus Tour

NEW! Canalling through History on the C&O: Pre-Trip Class

NEW! Culture and Human Development

NEW! Due Process, Privileges or Immunities and State Action: The Fourteenth Amendment and Beyond

NEW! Earliest Christian Uses of Jewish Writings

NEW! End of Life: Planning and Providing Comfort and Support

NEW! Energy & Environmental Balance: It’s Not Easy Being Green

NEW! Festive Floral Wreath and Centerpiece Design

NEW! Five Money Questions for Women

NEW! Foundations of Investing

NEW! Frederick County and the Civil War Tour

NEW! Frederick History Research, Resources and Strategies Workshop

NEW! French for the Beginner

NEW! Gazing into the Heavens: Introduction to Astronomy

NEW! In George Washington’s Footsteps: Old Town Alexandria and Mount Vernon Tour

NEW! Introduction to Computers

NEW! iPhone – Advanced

New! iPhone – Beginner

NEW! National Treasures: Washington, D.C. Monuments

NEW! Public Speech and Freedom of the Press: The First Amendment and Beyond Part II

NEW! Queen Victoria’s Little Wars

NEW! Salem Witch Trials of 1692

NEW! Signs of Our Times I: An Exploration of American Sign Language and Deaf Culture

NEW! The Beautiful Game: Why the Soccer World Cup Matters

NEW! The Court and the Constitution – Foundations

NEW! The Human Condition: Positive Psychology to Attain a Meaningful and Fulfilling Life

NEW! The Little Prince and World War II

NEW! The Making of Modern China

NEW! The Panama Canal: The Shortcut Between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

NEW! What is Evil?: Religious and Philosophical Investigations

NEW! Who am I? Basic Goodness of Self

NEW! Zentangle® – Enhancement and Shading

NEW! Zentangle®- Holiday 3D Paper Ornament

NEW! Zentangle®- Renaissance Tiles

NEW! “The Mighty Handful” – 19th Century Russian Composers

Palestine and Israel, Twice-Promised Land – An Exploration Through Film

Reverse Aging: The Mind-Body Connection

Russian History: The Big Picture

Saudi Arabia: 21st Century Kingdom

So You Want to Live Forever

Tai Chi for Balance and Well Being

The Cloud – Removing the Mystery: iPad/iPhone version only

There’s An App For That?

Traveling On and Off the Beaten Path in Great Britain

Was Flight 93 Shot Down?

What You’ve Always Wanted to Learn About Mentoring

Writing Your Life Story: Tales for the Grandchildren