Featured Artists & Photographers

The following artists and photographers have generously supported ILR in allowing us to display their work on our site. Please visit their websites to learn more and explore!

Deric Olschner – World Photographer

dericDeric Olschner is a world traveler and photographer who captures unique views of the beauty and wonders that surround us. He began his photography journey over 25 years ago as a young man serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. With every photo he takes he hopes to inspire in us a longing to undertake our own adventures to places unknown. Click here to visit Deric’s website and explore more world photography.

Harry Richardson – Local Artist

Harry_RichardsonMaryland artist Harry Lamar Richardson paints realistic watercolors and acrylics of rural landscapes and Chesapeake Bay scenes. Harry was born and raised in Frederick County, Md. Harry has a studio and gallery at his home near New Market, Maryland that is open by appointment. You may contact him at HLRichart@aol.com or by phone at 301-865-5863. Click here to visit Harry’s website for more information.

Stephen Hung – Local & Traveling Photographer

Stephen Hung is a retired engineer turned nature lover and photographer. His love of photography began in his college days in Taiwan and he has always enjoyed sharing his travel experiences and photography with friends. His photos have been chosen for the Annual Photo Exhibit in the Arts Center of Frederick Community College and other local competitions. Click here to visit the Stephen Hung Photography website to view his photos.

Header Image: Sunday in the Park by Harry Richardson

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