Experience Something New with ILR This Fall…

Dear Lifelong Learner,

When you think back on your life experiences, what memories bring you the most joy? Is it memories of the events and occasions that you expected to happen, or is it those pleasant surprises that you didn’t see coming, but helped shape your character and personal journey?

Whether it’s fate, serendipity, or just fortuitous timing, life’s most unexpected encounters can sometimes bring us the most satisfaction and enjoyment. At ILR, we realize this opportunity and craft courses that offer the potential for you to step outside your comfort zone and experience something new–something unexpected. It may provide a purposeful and powerful experience that you didn’t foresee.

Last year, ILR welcomed a record number of new and returning participants. This year, we look forward to continued growth that strengthens the relationships we share. Together, we take great pride in the course experiences we cultivate, the facilitation of learning, and the collaborative support of an engaged learning community.

You will find an assortment of courses available this fall–from the adventurous to the academic and peculiar. As you browse options, consider registering for something that peaks your curiosity but may fall outside of your wheelhouse. Chances are, you’ll be grateful when you later reflect on the decision. Your favorite and familiar instructors are back with their popular courses, but some new additions as well.

Experience something new with ILR this fall. There are never any tests, grades, or pressure. Just curious minds learning new things, and more than 80 courses to tickle your fancy.