Mornings with TED


The Mornings with TED ILR series was developed in order to give students the opportunity to discuss and share their ideas on a broad range of topics via the inspirational talks of some of “the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers”. In each session, students will view a TED Talk video, followed discussion of the topic. In the fall session we will explore the future and take some time to ask the big “What IF” questions.


  • TED Mission: Spreading Ideas
  • TED Conference was founded in 1984
  • “TED Talks” videos launched online in 2006 to share the conference with the world
  • Every second, 17 people watch a TED Talk
  • TED Talks are one of the most used tools in university classrooms around the world.
  • The annual $1M dollar TED Prize provides funding for A Wish to Inspire the World.
  • Read more about TED here:

    What Mornings with TED isn't.

    What Mornings with TED isn’t.

Mornings with TED Discussion Rules:
• Be respectful of all participants at all times.
• Give everyone a chance to speak.
• Keep it relevant.
• Please leave your party at the door.

You are invited and encouraged to continue your discussion online after class!
The comments section will remain open until the end of the course series, allowing you to continue sharing your thoughts, ideas, and questions. If you have any questions about the online forum, please email the moderator, Matt Bernota, at

  • Do you have any comments about last week’s session?
  • Are there any articles, etc. that would provide further information on any of the TED
    talks this term?

4 Comments on “Mornings with TED

  1. I am recommending the following for your consideration based on past and future talks: Daniel Gilbert, STUMBLING ON HAPPINESS (2006),and Yuval Noah Harari, HOMO DEUS (2017) deals with how the future could look based on current developments in various disciples.
    Articles on the recent developments in CRISPER technology are popping up on a regular basis. Google it.

  2. Hi Everyone,
    The Schultz and Summers editorial in the Washington Post , The Inevitable Climate Solution, appeared Tuesday , the first day of our class; and authors said the solution needed to “appeal to the general public , corporate America, and leaders in both parties.” Glad to read that and in light of my insistence that only a plan with involvement of both parties e.g. progressives/democrats would work.

    • Matt, please review your rules above with the class to establish norms for effective discussions. Need to discourage folks from yelling out whenever they want , regardless of whose turn ,and from discounting individual ‘s responses. Also please discourage sidebars and mumbling under breath vs. participating fully in class discussion.

  3. Even earthworms learn: Why can’t the Climate Leadership Council whose membership comprises eight white men and no members of progressive/democrats’ parties. Seems like we have to start from scratch and reinvent wheel everytime we turn around! I get weary. Does anyone else?

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