Calendar Tips: Click an event to view times, dates, start-stop dates, classroom and location. In the popup window, click ‘more details’ for a clickable link to the full course description. Use the blue previous or next buttons on the top left to view different months. Click the blue ‘Month’ tab to view by month rather than agenda.

Add the ILR calendar to your own calendar by following the instructions below!

To subscribe using iOS Devices – iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad:
Copy the iCal subscription link shown above.
Click your Settings icon.
Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars from the list.
Select Add Account.
Select Other.
Select Add Subscribed Calendar at the bottom of the list.
Paste the subscription link in the server field.
Click Next in the top right hand corner of the screen.
The URL will be verified, and your subscription information will display.
Click Save.

To subscribe using Google Calendar or Android Devices
Click the Google Calendar button on the bottom right of the calendar.
Follow instructions as prompted by your device.

Outlook & Other Calendar Programs:
Enter the iCal subscription link in the appropriate field in your device or program.

To add individual events or courses to your calendar using any device: If you would like to add only specific courses or events to your own calendar, simply click the FIRST instance of the event (if repeating) and follow your calendar’s normal method of adding an event. Please note that using this method means you must manually edit these entries if course dates or times or changed.

If you see a schedule error or have a question, please leave a comment below!


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