Be Inspired This Spring

Dear Lifelong Learner,

When you think back to your school-aged days, what do you remember most? Your friends, the activities you were a part of, and the classes you loved – or hated – probably come to mind first. But I bet all of you can also vividly remember that special teacher or two who really had an impact on you. It’s the teacher who brought learning to life, making it fun and accessible.

While we pride ourselves on offering more than 70 innovative and exciting ILR classes this spring semester, we know it’s not just the course content that makes the class. It’s also the instructor leading it. We are fortunate to have so many passionate instructors ready to help you explore and learn.

Even if science wasn’t your strong suit in school, consider Bob Rubock’s exciting science classes. Don’t worry – a math mind or formal scientific training isn’t required, but a sense of humor is.

Take advantage of Dr. Carol Zehackner’s 30 years of experience in physical therapy. Not only will she help ease your aches and pains, but she’ll also delight your spirit with her spunky personality.

If the topics of bioethics and gene-editing technology sound a little on the complicated side to you, let Carl Gregg guide you through these and other difficult questions with his expertise and perspective.

What’s a carpal tunnel and does it charge a toll? Give in to your medical curiosity with Dr. Larry Romane. He’ll help you explore and understand common medical topics with his friendly and simplified approach.

Or take a class from our featured instructor this semester, historian Roger Swartz. He’s described by a student as one of a kind. “His almost encyclopedic knowledge of the subject matter, wicked sense of humor, and genuine affection for his students is combined with a lovely warmth and sensibility,” the student says. “The result is an immensely enjoyable and edifying learning experience. He is a treasure!”

Whichever classes you decide to take, we’re confident your learning will be enhanced by the enthusiasm and experience of our wonderful instructors. Let them inspire you this spring.