In the City of Clustered Spires, ILR at FCC is Frederick County’s premier knowledge and discovery destination for adults age 55+.

At ILR you can go on-the-road exploring with a ‘Learning on Location’ course, tackle a new perspective on history, discuss current issues around the world, improve your photography, or travel to legendary destinations around the world.

Enjoy the company of other lifelong learners and engage your interests! View ILR course offerings and register today.

Indulge your curiosity…
because curiosity never retires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to take ILR Classes?
Although ILR classes are geared towards the 55 and over crowd, anyone is welcome to join us for a fabulous learning experience.

How can ILR benefit me?
Curiosity may have killed the cat but it appears to have quite the opposite effect on people. Research shows that continued learning actually strengthens the brain, improving memory and increasing quality of life. ILR offers fun, intelligent ways to keep mind and body vitally engaged within a professional educational environment.

What kinds of classes does ILR offer?
What do you want to learn? ILR’s casual classes are designed with you in mind. ILR offers courses and learning on location programs in a range of subjects including:

• History, Government, and World Cultures
• Music and Art
• Computers, Internet, and Digital Photography
• Hobbies and Avocations
• Philosophy, Religion, and Psychology
• Fitness and Health
• Finance and Life Planning
• Writing and Literature

How do ILR classes differ from other college courses?
ILR’s casual classes are designed by and for adults. There are no tests or grades given and no diplomas required for participation. There is plenty of opportunity for discussion and humor in ILR’s shared learning environment.

Who teaches ILR classes?
ILR programs are taught by people who possess expertise in their field, a passion for their subject, and a talent for facilitating the learning process among adults with a lifetime of experience under their belts.

How can I learn more about becoming an ILR instructor?
Instructors are needed in a range of subject areas! Contact ILR Program Manager, Kelli Ackiewicz, at 301-624-2732 or via the CONTACT FORM. You can also click the following link to fill out an ILR Course Proposal: TEACH FOR ILR.

How are ILR courses created and developed?
Courses are developed from suggestions made on course evaluations and from input from ILR instructors and students whose goal is to listen to the ideas and interests of the community. It is our hope that each new term offers something for everyone, and of course, your comments and suggestions are always welcome! CLICK HERE TO SEND A NOTE TO THE SUGGESTION BOX.

Where are ILR classes and offices located?

We offer classes at various locations in Frederick including the Frederick Senior Center and Frederick County Public Libraries. The ILR office and main classrooms are located at Frederick Community College, 7932 Opossumtown Pike, Frederick, MD 21702. CLICK HERE FOR MAPS AND DIRECTIONS TO THE MAIN CAMPUS.

How can I get a print copy of upcoming ILR courses?
Course schedules are available at the FCC Welcome Center and in brochure racks at the FCC Conference Center. To receive a schedule by mail, you can: Call or email the ILR staff and we will add you to the course schedule mailing list. OR just click the following link to fill out a short mail request form: ILR COURSE SCHEDULE REQUEST.

You can also download a copy of the current ILR Course Schedule by clicking the following link:  ILR Course Schedule (A new window will open up and you will be able to view, save, or print the catalog.)

Header Image: Photo courtesy of Jim Hamann. Frederick spires.
Click here to explore more photography by Jim.