ILR is Taking Classes Out into the Community

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ILR Classes in the Community

Join us for engaging classes focused on history, literature, creative arts, and health and wellness in convenient locations across Frederick County.

These classes are presented at no charge courtesy of partnerships with the Frederick County Public Library and the Frederick Senior Center in conjunction with Frederick Community College’s Institute for Learning in Retirement. These classes have been funded by the Shirley Cruickshank Wolfe Fund which provides program support to the ILR Program at FCC.

Registration:  To register, please contact the individual locations where you would like to attend a class. The staff at your chosen location will provide details and confirm your participation.

Click on the class title for more information:

Queen Victoria’s Little Wars

Mon 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 9/10/2018-10/22/2018
Location: Thurmont Public Library
Registration: Please contact the Thurmont Library for more information and to register.(301)-600-7200

Queen Victoria enjoyed a long reign from 1837-1901. Though her reign was considered one of peace, prosperity, refined sensibilities, and national self-confidence, she frequently called upon the British Army to fight in military expeditions around the world. These “little” wars would extend political control over the growing empire. In this course, you will learn how the British Army contributed to the maintenance of the British Empire during the latter part of the nineteenth century. The course will focus on the Sikh Wars, Crimean War, Indian Sepoy Mutiny, Ashanti Wars, Zulu War, the War in Sudan, and the Boer Wars.

Instructor: James H. “Jim” Hubbard has had an enduring interest in military history for more than sixty years and enjoys sharing his passion with students who have an interest in history. Jim is a retired Federal employee who, after service in the United States Army,

Frederick’s Architectural Heritage

Wed 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM, 9/12/2018-10/3/2018
Location: Frederick C Burr Artz Public Library
Registration: Please contact the C Burr Artz library for more information and to register. (301)-600-1630

This course on American architecture will use Frederick County examples to highlight the changes from early colonial vernacular building forms through the rise of national stylistic trends. The course will start with two lectures and end with two walking tours of downtown National Register Historic Districts preserved in Emmitsburg and Frederick. Students will be responsible for providing their own transportation to the walking tours. A designated meet up location for each community will be provided by the instructor after the start of the course.

Instructor: William J Sheppard is a college Anthropology and Archaeology instructor who earned his Masters Degree in Anthropology from The College of William and Mary. As a professional archaeologist for thirty years, Mr. Sheppard has directed prehistoric and historic period archaeological investigations in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia. His current research includes the analysis of cultural systems of power including ethnicity, race, gender and religion through the study of material culture in Historic Archaeology.

A Walk Through the National Mall & Memorial Parks

Fridays, 10:30 am – noon, 9/28, 10/5, 10/12
Location: Daybreak Adult Day Services,7819 Rocky Springs Rd, Frederick, MD 21702
Registration: Please contact Daybreak Adult Day Services for more information and to register. (301)-696-0808

The grandeur and symbolism of our monuments and memorials is legendary. In some cases the symbols rendered by these national treasures hide in plain sight, while others may be abundantly clear. Join National Park rangers as we unlock the stories of these magnificent sites.

Instructor: National Park Ranger

Signs of Our Times I: An Exploration of American Sign Language and Deaf Culture

Fri 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM, 10/5/2018-10/26/2018
Location: Walkersville Public Library
Registration: Please contact the Walkersville Public Library for more information and to register. (301)-845-8880 

We are living in a hub of the American deaf community as residents of Frederick. Often times we find ourselves fascinated by the visual language, or perhaps, frustrated by the fact that we are at a “loss for words” in the presence of deaf individuals. This class will enlighten you to the rich history and culture of the DEAF community and its language. In these two, sequential courses you will also be introduced to using American Sign Language. We will enjoy the verbal and non-verbal class participation as we learn to appreciate the manual language through movement, mime, and improvisation exercises.

Instructor: Martha B. Pugh holds a master’s degree in Secondary Deaf Education from Gallaudet University and a bachelor’s degree in English Education from Boston University. She has over 20 years of experience in teaching Introductory ASL classes. Martha has also been working as an ASL interpreter for elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools for the past 22 years. She enjoys sharing her love of ASL with all ages.

Personal Self Defensive Tactics

Fri 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM, 10/12/2018-10/12/2018
Location: Brunswick Public Library
Registration: Please contact the Brunswick Public Library for more information and to register. (301)-600-7250 

Rape/robbery/assault is not a selective crime, it has no regard for age, race, or social status. In this class, you will learn basic common sense rules that can be used to protect yourself before, during, and after an attack. Research shows that educated citizens are best equipped to protect themselves. The class has been described by some students as “an insurance policy you never want to have to use but which is comforting to have.” The class is designed for all ages and is strictly classroom based; this is not a physical class.

Instructor: Instructor: Captain Kirby Lee Maybush retired form the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office with 45 years of law enforcement. He has taught self-defense/defensive tactics at police, sheriff, and correction academies and to military police and numerous organizations in the area. He has been on TV and radio in reference to the classes. Several women after attending CPT Maybush’s classes stated not only were they able to prevent a sexual/physical assault it also increased their self-esteem and self-confidence, improved their personal lives, family ties, and work relationships.

From Eternity to Here: The Big Bang to Today

Wed 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 11/28/2018-12/5/2018
Location: Frederick Senior Center
Registration: Please contact the Senior Center for more information and to register. (301)-600-3525 

In this incredibly rich and fast-paced course we will examine the 14 billion year timeline that started with the explosion called the Big Bang and a microscopically small entity that contained all of the “stuff” that we now see as the observable (and non-observable) universe. Our journey will take us through the time of the incredibly hot, dense, and dark expanding fireball to the cooling period that brought the emergence of light, the formation of matter, stars, and ultimately, the planets such as our own Earth.

Instructor: Bob Rubock graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer and an MSEE from the University of Connecticut. He began his career in electronic warfare at United Aircraft but eventually turned to design of spacecraft for humanitarian purposes at NASA. Bob likes to say; “Engineering made the dough, Cosmology makes me go.” His courses require no math or formal scientific training, but a good sense of humor is mandatory. Bob believes that starting a class with good jokes improves the learning process. Bob’s other passion is rock climbing, having traveled around the U.S. and Europe in its pursuit.



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