So What’s All the Hullabaloo?

Hullabaloo at FCC

Do you like having fun? Are you itching to do something different? Are you looking to broaden your social circle? We can’t think of a better way. 

Introducing Hullabaloo – The new look and feel of the Personal Enrichment program here at FCC. Experience new classes where individuals of all ages can come together to learn a skill, share an experience, and have a blast with good company.  Meet up with friends to paint “happy little trees” in a Bob Ross Painting class.  Make it a date as you learn the science behind mixing hand-crafted cocktails. Get some dirt on your hands as you create a DIY Hobby Greenhouse.  Whether you’re new to Frederick, or a lifelong native, you’ll experience something special in our new classes that focus as much on fun as they do learning.

Happy Little Trees held on January 27th, check it out here.

Want to explore more classes? Check them out here.

Contact Us
Taylor Smith • Lifelong Learning Program Coordinator
(301) 624-2820 •




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