Sustainable Frederick County

Frederick Community College ILR
and the Frederick County Sustainability Commission present:

Toward a More Sustainable Frederick County
Friday, October 16

Frederick County is poised to face many of its on-going waste management, energy and land use challenges with sustainable solutions. While there have been strides made in incorporating sustainable practices throughout the Frederick County community and municipal agencies, the possibilities to expand these efforts are endless-

• Water and energy conservation
• Alternative fueled vehicles
• Green business practices
• Smart growth policies
• Increased recycling
• Organics diversion
• Solar power
• Food waste
• and more.

Hear from County officials and representatives from the local community about the challenges and opportunities that exist in regard to waste management, incorporating more renewable energy into our daily lives, and how the County can consider less impactful smart growth practices as the community continues to grow. The day will be dedicated to learning and dialogue and provide ample opportunity for input and exchange. Participants will receive a list of subject matter expert contacts for future follow-up advice and discussions.

ILR724 Toward a More Sustainable Frederick County
4-digit #: 6141
Friday, October 16, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Location: FCC Conference Center/E126ABC
Fee: $49 Includes lunch

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