Legacy of the Founding Fathers

Introducing a new series by colonial historian Roger G. Swartz…
Legacy of the Founding Fathers: The Contrasting Meanings of the American Revolution

Examine the forces that shaped our fledgling nation in this new sixcourse series offered this fall and in future terms. Roger breathes life into Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and others as they wrestle with the most pivotal questions of their day. How much power should this new federal government have? Should it be able to limit liberty in order to maintain liberty? Discuss the forces, released by the Revolution, that continue to impact foreign and domestic affairs and debate the legacy of the founders in America today.

roger_swartzInstructor: Colonial historian Roger G. Swartz received national acclaim for his two books covering the frontiers of the American Revolution. In 2004, he was chosen, along with two others, to be the educational coordinator for the 13-day bus tour sponsored by then National Elderhostel program for the 250th anniversary commemoration of the French & Indian War.

Offered this term…

The Emergence of Washington: George Washington in the French and Indian War
6 sessions, 12 hours

Young George Washington as colonel of the First Virginia Regiment (1772)

Young George Washington as colonel of the First Virginia Regiment (1772)

George Washington learned many military and personal lessons during the French and Indian War, lessons that aided him as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution. Examine what Washington learned as we follow him through three military expeditions in the Mid- Atlantic region and as commander of Virginia’s frontier defense. Discuss Washington’s personal traits, his relationship with three influential women at this time of his life, and his experience in the first two campaigns of his political career.

ILR804 The Emergence of Washington: George Washington in the French and Indian War
4-digit #: 6096
Mondays, 1:15 – 3:15 pm, Sept. 28 – Nov. 2
Location: FCC Conference Center/E125
Fee: $79 Tuition: $50 Total: $129
MD residents age 60+ pay fee only: $79


Learning on Location: The Colonial Winchester of George Washington
One Day Only

The people of Winchester, VA appealing to George Washington to protect them

The people of Winchester, VA appealing to George Washington to protect them

Join us for a journey into the lower Shenandoah Valley where we will experience colonial Winchester, the oldest 18th century town west of the Blue Ridge, and its relationship to young George Washington. Enroute, instructor Roger Swartz will provide an in-depth lecture on Washington’s association with the region. It is here that the young man came of age, learning lifelong lessons that would propel him into the American Revolution.

The morning will feature a walking tour in Washington’s footsteps of this lovely town, where places associated with Washington are amidst cafes and shops in a pedestrian mall. We will visit sites to include the Washington’s Office Museum, the building of which served as his headquarters while he planned and supervised the construction of Fort Loudoun in northern Winchester; Cocke’s Tavern, where he lodged; the courthouse, where he was first elected to political office; Fort Loudoun; and the grave of Thomas, Lord Fairfax, owner of northern Virginia, and who gave Washington his start in surveying when Washington was age 16.

Select from the charming local restaurants for lunch on your own. After lunch, we will take route 50 west, former Indian path and Washington’s 1754 military road to the site of Fort Edwards at Capon Bridge, West Virginia. It was here that Washington’s forces were defeated in battle by the French and Indians in April 1756. The visitor center exhibits include artifacts related to the fort and this time period.

ILR805 The Colonial Winchester of George Washington – with Roger Swartz
4-digit #: 6145
Tuesday, Nov. 10
Coach departs FCC Conference Center at 8:30 am, returning about 5:30 pm
Location: FCC Conference Center/E106
Fee: $119 Tuition: $30 Total: $149 (Lunch not included)
MD residents age 60+ pay fee only: $119

Look for additional courses in this series to be offered next spring and beyond…
• The Radicalization of the American Revolution
• The Making of the U.S. Constitution
• The Ordeal: George Washington’s Presidency
• Order and Eruptions: The Presidency of John Adams
• Jefferson and Yeomen Republicanism: The Revolution of 1800

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