Introducing Frederick History Explorations


with Christopher Haugh…

For nearly 25 years, Christopher Haugh has researched, produced and published numerous award-winning presentations on Frederick County history. His 2012 documentary film “Maryland’s Heart of the Civil War” received an Emmy Award from the National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS). The documentary was produced by the Tourism Council of Frederick County in partnership with Maryland Public Television (MPT) and shown on public television stations across the United States.

In addition to documentary filmmaking, Chris is the Scenic Byway and Special Projects Manager for the Tourism Council of Frederick County, where he is responsible for product development, grant and special project management, and the marketing of Frederick County’s designated byways, trails and heritage tourism. He has also taught video production and public history courses for FCC, Hood College and Towson University.

Today, we are excited to announce the new course series Chris has initiated at ILR,
Frederick History Explorations…

chimneyrockILR800 Prehistory of Frederick County
3 sessions, 4.5 hours

Documentary film-maker Chris Haugh bases this course on his documentary entitled “Monocacy: The pre-history of Frederick County, Maryland,” taking students on a 1.2 billion year journey to better understand and appreciate the cataclysmic events that shaped our present day landscape. Explore the earliest lifeforms from marine organisms, dinosaurs to native-aboriginal man. Bite-sized portions of geology, meta-geography, biology, archeology, and anthropology will be introduced within a multi-media presentation of video excerpts, powerpoint-lecture and touch object “show and tell.”

4 digit #: 8888
Mondays, 1:00 – 2:30 pm, June 8 – 22
Location: FCC Conference Center/E106
Fee: $49 Tuition: $20 Total: $69
MD residents age 60+ pay fee only: $49


ILR801 The Quest for Riches and Redemption: Indian tribes, Explorers and Fur Traders in the Monocacy Valley
3 sessions, 4.5 hours

Based on the video documentary entitled “Sugarloaf: The Quest for Riches and Redemption in the Monocacy Valley”, this course is a historical journey into the wild environs of today’s Frederick County as it existed between three and four centuries ago.

This encompasses the European Contact and early colonial period (1600’s and early 1700’s), and nicely bridges the pre-history of the region to the point of the 1634 founding of Maryland and European habitation over the next century. The course will explore the early American Indian tribes and European explorers and traders that once traversed the area that would eventually see the establishment of Frederick Town in 1745 and Frederick County in 1748.

4 digit #: 5391
Mondays, 1:00 – 2:30 pm, July 13 – 27
Location: FCC Conference Center/E106
Fee: $49 Tuition: $20 Total: $69
MD residents age 60+ pay fee only: $49

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  1. You read my mind, John. Look for a trip in either fall or spring.

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