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Fall Classes by Day of the Week

Welcome to “All of Fall” where we’re giving the big picture of all our fall courses! Below you will find a listing of all ILR courses for the fall term arranged by weekday. Click the images or titles to read…

Gambrill State Park

Learning on Location

We’re taking learning out of the classroom and into the world around us! Click on the title for more information: Butterflies in the Field – September 20th Monuments by Moonlight – October 11th  Experience Edgar Allen Poe – October 19th …

Highland Cow


Teach what you love at ILR! If you have enthusiasm for your subject and a knack for teaching adults, consider joining ILR’s talented crew of teachers par excellence. Think of it: there are no tests or papers to grade and…


‘Tis the Season

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Word Fall

Fall is Here

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